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Renowned Scholars and Imams, endorse

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah

Executive Director of the Fiqh Council of North America

“Having a personal will is extremely important for the Muslims living in a non-Muslim setting. The confusions, complexities and difficulties related to having a Sharia’ complaint will which simultaneously conforms to the US laws have been skillfully ironed out by the scholarly team of They have Islamized and simplified the will process. I trust their scholarship and admire their service.”

Dr. Tahir Wyatt

Muslim Scholar and Chaired Lecturer
of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina Munawwarah
Phd, Islamic University of Medina

“Death is a reality that each of us will encounter, and the Prophet encouraged us to remain conscience of that fact. Part of preparation for that day is having a will that guarantees that our wealth is distributed in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. This requires both knowledge of Islamic inheritance laws and the law of the land, which is not an easy thing to do.

This is why is so important: it takes the guess work out of producing a shariah compliant, legally enforceable will. May Allah bless everyone who brought this effort to fruition.”

Imam Zaid Shakir

Muslim Scholar and Imam
Co-Founder and Board Member of Zaytuna College

“Most Muslims are well aware of the importance of wills, but don’t know the first thing about it. They don’t know what to do, where to go, and how to come up with an Islamic will. is a one-stop shop for all your Islamic will needs. And it won’t take you hours to go through. Muslims in the west now have no excuse to not have a will.”

Imam Tahir Anwar

Imam at the Islamic Center of San Jose
Executive Committee Member of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

“One of the most consistently neglected Islamic obligations is the proper and timely completion of a will. Although some believers neglect this obligation owing to ignorance of its incumbency, many fail to fulfill it because they are intimidated by the seemingly complex rulings governing inheritance shares and related legalities. Al Hamdulillah, greatly simplifies the process of preparing a will and managing one’s estate in a clear, simple Shariah-compliant manner. By walking the believer through the process online, step-by-step, demystifies the process of Muslim estate management.

I highly recommend this innovative and practical service.”

Imam Sulaiman Hamid

Imam of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam
Owner/Operator of

“As an Imam and Hajj guide, I receive many inquiries regarding Wills and Estate Planning from an Islamic perspective. will definitely be the place I feel comfortable directing everyone to as a reliable resource. It is comprehensive and more important, the site is facilitated by trusted Islamic Scholars. I highly recommend it.”

Sheikh Omar Suleiman

Director of the Islamic Learning Foundation
Resident Scholar at Valley Ranch Islamic Center
Instructor at Bayyinah Institute, Mishnah University, and Al Maghrib Institute

“Most people in the community are unaware of the obligation to produce an Islamic will, and even those who are have no idea where to start. MyWassiyah simplifies the process and is grounded in solid scholarship so that people can trust that their will is being fulfilled in a shariah compliant manner. The best part about it is that it already incorporates the legal element making it a one stop shop for your wassiyah.”

Dr. Joseph Lumbard

Professor of Islamic Studies at The American University of Sharjah
Editor of the Study Quran

“Fiscal responsibility is an obligation for every Muslim and estate planning is a central component of fiscal responsibility. makes it possible for every Muslim to fulfill this fundamental obligation towards God and their loved ones from the comfort of their own home at a very affordable price. I plan to use MyWasiyyah myself and highly recommend it.”

Sheikh Nomaan Baig

Muslim Scholar and Imam
Founder & Director of Institute of Knowledge is a game changer for American Muslims. Not only does it help you fulfill the religious mandate of having a will readily available, its compliance with US laws and overall affordability makes it convenient for all Muslims to ensure their loved ones are cared for.

Sheikh Ahmad Abdel-Wahab

Professor of Fiqh and Tajweed,
Knowledge International University

“ is an excellent way to accurately fulfill the Islamic laws of inheritance and bequests. This is an area of knowledge that is extremely important, yet difficult for many to understand and implement on their own. solves that problem with an online interview that takes both Shariah Compliance and legal standing into consideration.”

Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Islamic Law Program Head, Zaytuna College
Founder & President of Lamppost Productions

“The Qur’an teaches us that wealth and children are the embellishments of this life. Both can be an enormous blessing, but neither come with us when we die. Not every person is given the opportunity to put their affairs in order before leaving this world. At some point, though, we need to seriously think about the sort of legacy we want to leave behind. MyWassiyah makes thinking about this question much easier: providing an easy and cost effective way of doing so in the process. I personally commend MyWassiyah for the excellent service they are providing.”

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