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We strive to make completing your legal documents as simple and affordable as possible. And although we feel we’re doing a great job with our online interview, unique legal support services, and our new Ask An Attorney portal, we know things can still get a bit overwhelming. Creating your estate plan and planning for the future can be daunting.

That’s why we created our MyWassiyah Workshops™ program.

The MyWassiyah Workshops™ provide an opportunity for our customers to interact with our attorneys, Islamic scholars, and support staff. Typically hosted at a local masjid, the workshops bring us one step closer to taking the stress out of estate planning.

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It’s truly inspiring when we meet with our customers and see how easy it is for them to create complicated legal documents in minutes. MyWassiyah was created to give you the relief of knowing that you’ve fulfilled your Islamic obligations and taken care of your family. And when we hear the feedback from our customers about how easy MyWassiyah is, it makes all the hard work worth it.

“It was incredibly easy to complete.”
– J. Hagan

“What impressed me was the simplicity of the will application and the legal and Shariah explanation, which was readily available while filling out the will application. This feature greatly helped clarifying the questions that were being asked during the will application.”
– A.R. Khan

“It simplifies something I thought would be so difficult and time consuming.”
– J. Taftaf

“I was impressed most by how quickly we were able to complete the process.”
– U. Ali

Valuable insights,
invaluable peace of mind.
Although each workshop is uniquely designed to best serve the community we visit, you can expect the following at each of the MyWassiyah Workshops.

1. An introduction presentation covering topics ranging from the importance of estate planning for American Muslims to specific tax and property ownership considerations.

2. We then break off into the workshop sessions where we help, one-on-one, attendees complete the MyWassiyah online interview. We usually send at least one attorney and one Islamic scholar to each workshop.

3. Depending on how many people are expected to attend, we coordinate with our host certain benefits to the local masjid or Islamic organization.

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Expert guidance.
Our proprietary online interview provides Islamic considerations and legal explanations for every question we ask. It’s no wonder MyWassiyah customers love how easy we make things. But we also understand that sometimes a face-to-face is what’s needed. Our workshops are attended by our resident attorneys and Islamic scholars to make sure your questions are answered with expert advice.