The #Fortunate500

500 Donors, 500 Dollars Each, 2,000 Beneficiaries. By participating in the #Fortunate500, you receive a free Will and you help 4 people create their Will. Even at our affordable pricing, some American Muslims need financial help to afford their Will. Instead of paying $125 for your Will, join us by participating in the #Fortunate500 and earn the greatest reward of all…helping someone protect their family and comply with their Islamic obligations.

A worthy cause,
conveniently offered to you.

Every American Muslim needs a Will. Whether you’re married, single, young, old, have money or not. The Prophet (PBUH) didn’t specify when he said “None of you who own property should sleep for two nights consecutively except that his Wassiyah is written and in his possession.” Help someone less fortunate secure their family by participating in the #Fortunate500.

How does it work?
It’s simple.

If you already have a Will, you can simply contribute $500 and you’re in. If you don’t have a Will, then you simply complete the process on MyWassiyah as you normally would, but instead of paying the standard price, you pay $500. In exchange, you receive your Will for free and we give 4 estate plans to people in need. Our goal is to help 2,000 people in need of estate planning but unable to afford it.

Sadaqa Jariya,
a reward in itself.

A Sadaqa Jariya is a charitable gift you make that continues to provide you rewards even after your death. It’s the best there is, and this is an opportunity to earn rewards in perpetuity. With your participation in the #Fortunate500, you help MyWassiyah create products that help the Muslim ummah, help those in need, and create a Sadaqa Jariya for yourself.
“At the core of being a Muslim, is caring for your fellow brothers and sisters. The Prophet described Muslims in their love and support of one another as a brick house. What better way to support than to help protect families with this unique opportunity.”
Joe Bradford
Co-Founder of MyWassiyah
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We work with local organizations,
to make sure you have the greatest impact.
Even those with little, need the protection a Will provides. A MyWassiyah Will helps everyone achieve things like Islamic burial instructions, appointment of guardians for minor children, appointment of trusted personal representatives that understand Islamic considerations, and family declarations. So even if a person doesn’t have much in the way of an estate, a MyWassiyah Will is a necessity.

In order to make sure that the right people receive your support, we work with local organizations and Islamic centers who understand their community best. We’re committed to helping real people solve real problems.