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Our Story

Our Story

Most ideas start with a problem. Ours was simple, good legal services for American Muslims are too expensive and too difficult to find. We once gave a lecture at our local masjid on estate planning for American Muslims. After the lecture, one person after another came to us asking for a template document they can use since they didn’t have a Will. We learned most people either couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars attorneys charge for documents or they didn’t have the time to schedule an appointment with an attorney and wait months for their documents. Then there were the people who didn’t even have a qualified local attorney they can ask if they wanted to.


In the age of everything digital, we were amazed there wasn’t a solution. Sure, there were other websites you could use to create a Will, but nothing for Muslims. Nothing that would create documents that comply with local laws and our Islamic faith.

Before doing something that’s never been done before…you should ask yourself why you’re the right person to solve the problem? For us, the answer was easy. Joe is an Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic finance and Islamic inheritance. In fact, he studied with one of the direct descendants of scholars in Islamic inheritance from the Ottoman Empire. Mohammad is an attorney and is managing partner of a national firm. He has experience in complex estate planning and shariah compliance. We decided we were the right people to solve this problem.

We didn’t want to just create another website that relied on a cheap template and sell it as a Muslim solution. Our community suffers enough from people who sell inferior products. So we set out to make the best service we could. It wasn’t easy…years of development, consultations with attorneys and Islamic scholars, and trial and error led to MyWassiyah. We’re so proud of what we built and the team we have! We think you’ll absolutely love using MyWassiyah.

Joe Bradford & Mohammad Bataineh -

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As a token of our gratitude, we’re offering a 50% discount on all documents. From now until June 30th / Dhul-Hijja 25th, take advantage of this sitewide sale as we put the finishing touches on our relaunch. If you have any issues, reach out to our support email.
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