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MyWassiyah was founded by Mohammad Bataineh and Joe Bradford. Our founders created MyWassiyah as a service to simplify Islamic estate planning and legal services for all Muslims. The Islamic rules of inheritance can be complicated and US probate and estate laws are even more complicated, the combination can make completing your legal documents daunting. MyWassiyah was created to make the entire process simple, convenient, and affordable.

Our team of experienced attorneys and Islamic scholars work tirelessly to create wonderful products and services designed to make your life simpler. It’s a wonderful reward knowing that our products help Muslims fulfill their Islamic obligations and protect their families.

You can read more about MyWassiyah here.

It all starts with our online interview. Because attorneys are expensive and inaccessible, we bring the interview to you…in total comfort and privacy. The online interview guides you through important questions, provides you with legal and Islamic explanations, and suggested answers where appropriate.

We use the answers you provide in our online interview to create fully custom documents. It’s not fill in the blank templates, but fully dynamic documents that protect your family, maintain full Islamic compliance, and ensure legal validity with your local laws. Premium documents created by expert attorneys and scholars.

Most free Wills you find at your local Masjid or on the internet are simple, template documents that do not address any of your personal needs. They also typically are drafted without any reference or specific compliance with your state’s laws.  They are not verified by established and recognized Islamic Scholars or experienced attorneys.

Other options include other online legal services like legalzoom. These services provide simple, basic documents and none provide documents that comply with Islamic rules of inheritance or other Islamic principles.

Finally, there are local attorneys who provide estate planning services. Although visiting an attorney is a great option, many people don’t need complex estate plans that cost thousands of dollars and take months to prepare. To make things worse, most attorneys have no experience with Islamic rules of inheritance and ultimately use template documents they pieced together from the internet.

MyWassiyah is different. All of our premium products are created by our experienced team of attorneys and Islamic scholars using best legal practices. Each document is custom to your needs and to your state’s laws. Our documents are equivalent, and often better than documents costing thousands of dollars from powerful law firms. And best of all, you can create your documents in the privacy of your own home, in less than 20 minutes at affordable prices.

The process of creating a MyWassiyah Will typically takes around 15 minutes to complete. We’re very proud of how simple and affordable we’ve made creating your estate plan. First, you’ll need to create an account to get started. You will then be guided through our proprietary online interview. You’ll be asked easy to understand questions which you will answer to complete your documents. Each question includes both, Islamic and legal explanations to make sure you everything is clear. If you run into any trouble, you can contact our support team from any part of the online interview. Once you’ve answered all the questions and completed the checkout process, you will have instant access to your documents. We provide you with information on how to sign your documents, how to store your documents, and what to do next. In three steps and less than 20 minutes, you can have a premium and custom estate plan in your hands.

Your MyWassiyah Will is fully compliant with the local laws of your state and all applicable federal laws. Our team of experienced attorneys worked tirelessly to create legal provisions that ensure your MyWassiyah Will is enforceable. This is one of the most significant benefits of MyWassiyah, our premium products are designed to satisfy both, legal and Islamic requirements.

Our proprietary online interview is at the heart of all our products. Utilizing premium legal provisions drafted by our experienced team of attorneys and Islamic scholars, the online interview uses your answers to create custom documents. Each document is created specifically for your needs and in full compliance with your state’s laws. And best of all, every document created using is fully compliant with Islamic rules and principles. To make sure your documents are the best they can be, we regularly update our products to comply with changes in the laws.

It wasn’t enough to create a better product than everyone else, we also wanted to create a more accessible product. We spent three years developing our custom, proprietary online interview so that we can make our products more affordable. Better documents, more affordable prices…that’s what we call value.

The MyWasiyyah Will costs $125.00. For those of you in community property states, we recommend a MyWasiyyah Will + Transmutation Agreement package priced at $165.00. Information on our product pricing can be found here

Once you’ve completed your documents, you can revisit your account page at any time to download your documents for free. Because each document is uniquely created for you, any necessary changes after you complete the checkout process will require a new purchase. You will be charged for each new document created as if you were ordering for the first time.

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No. Your privacy and security is one of our top priorities. Our entire site is encrypted with bank grade encryption and all interactions you have with are secure. We never store any of your credit card information and all your personal information is encrypted and secure.

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