Hajj and Umrah

Preparing for your trip starts now.
Read through our guide below.

It starts by planning at home,
for what may happen abroad.

You’ve made travel arrangements, booked reservations, and told everyone you’ll be taking a trip of a lifetime. Don’t let that be the end of your preparation list. Read through our guide and learn what makes Umrah and Hajj so special. Learn what duah to say during your trip, what sites you need to visit, and how best to prepare for the trip.
Get ready for your trip abroad.
The Virtue and Benefits of Hajj.

Hajj is a requirement for every capable Muslim, but what are the virtues and benefits of Hajj? Find out what makes Hajj so special.

Before you travel. A quick checklist.

A list of 10 recommendations you need to know before heading out to your Umrah or Hajj trip. A must know guide for every traveler.

What to know during your trip.
The Meaning of Labbayk

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy phrases of Islamic worship, these words ring out every Hajj and Umrah. Learn more about the meaning of these words.

The Symbols and Signs of Hajj & Umrah

Make your trip more rewarding by understanding all of the symbols and signs of your Hajj or Umrah trip. Read more about the significance of the trip.

Taraweeh and Qiyam while in Makkah & Madina

Taraweeh and Qiyam are an important part of Ramadan, but how do they work if you’re doing Umrah during Ramadan? Find out by reading this article.

Making the most of your Hajj & Umrah trip

Here’s a list of seven tips to make your upcoming Umrah or Hajj trip the best it can possibly be. Read through our list of must-do items.

The Story of Abraham and how Hajj Started

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