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Why MyWassiyah? Here are the top reasons- copy

You may be asking yourself, “Why MyWassiyah?” Here are a few of the top reasons that MyWassiyah is the only resource you should use for preparing your Islamic Estate Planning documents.

Our documents comply with the Quran, and US laws.

The Quran requires us to prepare our property and family before we pass away. As an American Muslim, your property will not be distributed to your family based on Islamic principles unless you have a legally valid and Shariah compliant Will. Each MyWassiyah Will is customized for your state’s laws, legally valid in all 50 states, and fully Shariah compliant. Prepare your MyWassiyah Will and protect your property and family with peace of mind.

Your family comes first.

Ensure your children are cared for after you are gone. Designate their guardians after your death, decide how your property is distributed to your family, and declare gifts to those close to you.

Preparing your will should be easy and convenient.

Your schedule is busy and the last thing you need is another appointment. Save time and money by creating your estate planning documents online. MyWassiyah makes creating your custom Will simple and convenient. With legal and Islamic explanations for each question, you’ll have the peace of mind that your MyWassiyah Will protects your family.

We take your privacy and security seriously.

With built-in encryption, our secure site allows you to safely create your estate planning documents. Need time? Save your progress and return at any time to complete your documents with 24/7 account access. All from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Experience and expertise. Islamic scholars and attorneys.

Rely on our team of experienced attorneys, Islamic scholars, and Imams. Each MyWassiyah document incorporates the newest developments in the law, best drafting principles, and tax avoidance strategies. And each MyWassiyah Will was designed to be simple to understand for your family and fully Shariah compliant.

Using MyWassiyah is easy to use and gives you the peace of mind that your family is cared for.
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