Our singular goal…
Help everyone protect their family,
not just those with access to attorneys.
Our goal…
Create products to help everyone, not just those with access to attorneys.

A Muslim company,
for American Muslims.

MyWassiyah was founded for one simple reason…create a service that simplifies Islamic estate planning and legal services for all Muslims. The Islamic rules of inheritance can be complicated and US probate and estate laws are even more complicated, the combination can make completing your Will daunting. MyWassiyah was created to make the entire process simple, convenient, and affordable.

Our co-founder, Mohammad, is one of those expensive, high-priced attorneys. He noticed that only Muslims who have access to an estate planning attorney and who can pay the thousands in legal fees were getting custom estate planning documents. Even when American Muslims were using an attorney, their Wills and Trusts were not always in compliance with Islamic rules of inheritance. Because creating your Will is a requirement for every Muslim, there needed to be an easier way to help people protect their family and fulfill their Islamic obligations. This is why we created MyWassiyah.

From the start, we knew we wanted to create excellent products. Affordability shouldn’t mean inferior documents.

Estate planning documents are too important to settle for attorneys who aren’t familiar with Islamic rules or template documents you find floating around. MyWassiyah creates custom documents specific to your state’s laws, your family needs, and your personal wishes. And every document comes with the peace of mind of knowing that behind our products are real Islamic scholars and experienced attorneys.

Our Founders

We’ve been good friends for many years. We’ve worked together, traveled together and shared thousands of ideas. We started MyWassiyah to connect all American Muslims with the resources they need to protect their family and complete their Islamic duties. It’s an ambitious goal we’re very proud of. To learn more, read our story.

– Joe Bradford & Mohammad Bataineh

The MyWassiyah Difference.

It all starts with our online interview. Because attorneys are expensive and inaccessible, we bring the interview to you…in total comfort and privacy. The online interview guides you through important questions, provides you with legal and Islamic explanations, and suggested answers where appropriate.
How we achieve our pricing.
It wasn’t enough to create a better product than everyone else, we also wanted to create a more accessible product. We spent three years developing our custom, proprietary online interview so that we can make our products more affordable. Better documents, more affordable prices…that’s what we call value.
Why our documents are special.
We use the answers you provide in our online interview to create fully custom documents. It’s not fill in the blank templates, but fully dynamic documents that protect your family, maintain full Islamic compliance, and ensure legal validity with your local laws. Premium documents created by expert attorneys and scholars.
The best solutions,
solve the real problems.
Although often misunderstood, the challenge every Muslim faces while living in the US is that no state provides for shariah valid inheritance without a properly drafted Will. What does this mean for you? If you pass away without a shariah compliant Will, you have violated your Islamic obligations.

Over 75% of American Muslims die without a valid, shariah compliant Will. The best way to solve this problem…make it easy and affordable to create a proper estate plan. MyWassiyah creates valid documents for all 50 states. And most important, every document fully complies with Islamic rules and is fully legally valid.

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