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The A Comprehensive and Customized Islamic Estate Planning Solution

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MyWassiyah, a leading online Islamic estate planning service, is dedicated to helping Muslims create Shariah-compliant and legally valid wills. While the company strives to provide transparent and efficient services, it maintains a strict policy of not sharing unfinished versions of its wills. This article will explore the reasons behind this policy and provide an in-depth look at a sample MyWassiyah will to illustrate the comprehensive and customized nature of their estate planning solutions.

Policy on Sharing Unfinished Wills

MyWassiyah does not share unfinished versions of their wills with anyone, including potential clients. This policy is in place to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the estate planning process. Each MyWassiyah will is unique and tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individual creating it. Sharing an unfinished version of a will could lead to confusion or misinterpretation, as it may not accurately reflect the final product.

Customization Through the Online Interview Process

The primary reason MyWassiyah does not share unfinished wills is that each will is customized based on the answers provided during the online interview process. When a client begins creating their will, they are guided through a series of questions designed to gather essential information about their assets, beneficiaries, and specific wishes. This information is then used to generate a personalized will that adheres to both Islamic principles and state laws.

Accessing the Completed Will

Once a client has completed the online interview and finalized their will, they can access the completed document instantly through their secure MyWassiyah account portal. This ensures that the client has immediate access to their legally binding will, without the need to wait for a physical copy to be mailed or a draft to be reviewed. The completed will is available for download, printing, and signing, allowing the client to execute their estate plan promptly.

Sample MyWassiyah Will: A Section-by-Section Analysis

To better understand the comprehensive nature of a MyWassiyah will, let’s examine a sample will section by section. This sample will, created for an individual named Joe Bradford, demonstrates the level of customization and adherence to Islamic principles that MyWassiyah provides.

1. Preamble

The will begins with a preamble that affirms the testator’s faith in Islam and acknowledges the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). This section also includes a reminder to the testator’s family and friends to strive for righteousness and prepare for their own deaths, emphasizing the importance of estate planning in the context of Islamic beliefs.

2. Family Information

The next section of the will provides information about the testator’s family, including their marital status and children. In Joe Bradford’s case, the will states that he is not married and has no children. This information is crucial for determining the distribution of the testator’s assets according to Islamic inheritance laws.

3. Specific Gifts and Tangible Personal Property

The will then addresses specific gifts and the distribution of tangible personal property. In this sample, Joe Bradford has chosen to distribute his tangible personal property to his beneficiaries as provided in Article 14 of the will, which outlines the Islamic rules of inheritance. The will also includes provisions for handling the distribution of gifts to minors and the division of property by the personal representatives if the beneficiaries cannot agree on a division.

4. Residuary Estate

The residuary estate, which includes all remaining assets after specific gifts and distributions, is to be distributed to the named beneficiaries according to Article 14 of the will. This section ensures that the testator’s entire estate is accounted for and distributed in accordance with Islamic principles.

5. Appointment of Personal Representatives and Trustees

Joe Bradford has appointed an individual named “Joe Tester15may” to serve as his personal representative. The will also includes provisions for the appointment of trustees and grants them the necessary powers to administer the estate and any trusts created within the will.

6. Funeral and Burial Instructions

In accordance with Islamic teachings, the will provides detailed instructions for the testator’s funeral and burial. These instructions include the proper washing and shrouding of the body, the direction of the grave (towards the Qiblah), and the preference for a simple burial without a casket, if permitted by local laws.

7. Islamic Rules of Inheritance

A significant portion of the will is dedicated to defining and explaining the Islamic rules of inheritance. This section includes detailed definitions of heirs, such as primary heirs, apportioned heirs, and secondary heirs, and outlines the specific shares each category of heirs is entitled to receive from the testator’s estate. The will also provides guidance on handling various scenarios, such as the absence of certain heirs or the presence of multiple heirs within the same category.

8. Dispute Resolution and Miscellaneous Provisions

The final sections of the will address dispute resolution, the governing law (Texas law and Islamic rules of inheritance), and other miscellaneous provisions. These sections ensure that the will is legally sound and provide guidance for handling any potential conflicts or uncertainties that may arise during the administration of the estate.


MyWassiyah’s policy of not sharing unfinished wills demonstrates their commitment to providing accurate, confidential, and customized estate planning solutions for their clients. By examining a sample MyWassiyah will, it becomes clear that each document is meticulously crafted to adhere to Islamic principles and meet the unique needs of the individual creating it. The comprehensive nature of the will, covering everything from specific gifts to detailed explanations of Islamic inheritance laws, ensures that the testator’s wishes are clearly articulated and executed in accordance with their faith.

For Muslims seeking a reliable and efficient way to create a Shariah-compliant will, MyWassiyah offers a user-friendly online platform that guides them through the process step by step. The instant access to the completed will through the secure account portal provides peace of mind and allows clients to finalize their estate plans without delay. With MyWassiyah, Muslims can ensure that their legacy is protected and their assets are distributed according to the principles of their faith.

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